La société

15 ans d'expérience d'affiliation !

belboon fait partie des réseaux de marketing à la performance leaders sur le marché germanophone. 1800 programmes d'affiliation et des éditeurs de 50 pays sont actifs dans le réseau. belboon génère plus d'un quart de million de transactions chaque mois. Ce sont principalement les petites et moyennes entreprises du segment du Longtail qui font confiance à l'équipe aux connaissances internationales et à la technologie de pointe de belboon. belboon vous offre la possibilité d'utiliser le tracking à empreinte digital le plus moderne, fournit des interfaces pour des partenaires externes et travaille avec des technologies automatisées basées sur les données comme le Retargeting ou l'advertising programmatique. Depuis 2002, les annonceurs et les éditeurs profitent d'un excellent service et de prestations de marketing à la performance de qualité.

"Whether it comes to tracking technologies or collaborations with new publishers - our contact at belboon gives us quick and uncomplicated support. The constant high quality hasn't changed over the years."
Daniel Klose
Head of Affiliate-Marketing
web-netz GmbH
"Within the belboon network we manage multiple advertiser accounts. Through our competent contact, we always get quick feedback and reliable support."


Björn Wendler
Directeur Général

Björn Wendler a rejoint belboon en Novembre 2016 en qualité de Directeur Général.

Actif depuis 2005 dans le Digital, Björn était avant de prendre ses fonctions chez belboon Directeur RTB de la société Fyber GmbH. Auparavant Björn a exercé la fonction de Directeur Général chez Madvertise media Gmbh ainsi que celle Responsable de la régie publicitaire pour le groupe media Berliner Verlag et le société Immobilienscout24.

Björn Wendler se concentre sur la croissance de petites et moyennes entreprises sur le marché germanophone avec comme objectif principal le développement de nouveaux services dans le secteur du Marketing Digital à la Performance.



Katharina Downar
Head of Key Account

Katharina Downar has been managing the Key Account Team since January 2015 and since March 2016 also the Lead generation business within belboon and is thus responsible for the expansion of the core business of the belboon GmbH.

Since 2010, the business major has been part of the company in which she already held various positions. Among others she managed the belboon publishers Team from March 2013. Therefore, she is very familiar with both sides of the performance network.

Katharina studied business administration at the University of Duisburg-Essen with a focus on e-commerce and marketing. In her position, she appreciates the daily, varied work in dealing with clients and agencies.

Julian Reiff
Head of belboon International

Julian Reiff has been responsible for the international expansion of the belboon GmbH Since March 2012.
His entry into the affiliate business took place in 2010 for the belboon-adbutler GmbH as Business Development Manager. In this position he was already driving forward the internationalization of the belboon affiliate network.
Through his professional experience in multinational companies such as Dell Inc., his language skills and knowledge of the different markets, he has managed to build a broad international portfolio. For the future, his focus is on consolidating this portfolio and the further expansion into new markets.

Heiko Müller
Head of Operations

Heiko Müller has been managing the Operations Team of the belboon GmbH and is the link between the sales and IT department.

Prior to joining the company in 2011, Heiko was freelance web developer. The support of various affiliate programs led him to the affiliate business. Here he was especially entrusted with the increase of performance of programs on various networks. With his appointment to belboon, he eventually switched to the network side for program management.

Heiko particularly appreciates to support the team in their daily work and share ideas with the IT department to develop and implement new functionalities.

Christian Bünder
Head of Display & Mobile

Christian Bünder has been a part of the belboon GmbH since 2013, and is responsible for the channels display and mobile. He draws on his many years of experience from various areas within the Digital Media Environment.

Before belboon Christian worked for a worldwide acting DSP, for which he was responsible for the international business development in the Central European markets. Previously, he worked for several medium-sized companies, for which he successfully developed and implemented digital strategies and performance marketing campaigns.

Christian is enthusiastic about the rapid transformation of the digital market, which always motivates him to develop new exciting projects with his partners.

David McLoughlin
Head of Sales

David McLoughlin has been responsible for the acquisition of new partners for belboon GmbH since August 2016.

British born David has made Berlin his home since 2008 after completing his studies at the University of Liverpool. He has been active in the performance marketing business since 2009 with international key account management and sales positions at companies including price comparison platform Idealo and is specialized in mobile app user acquisition from his time in the mobile performance marketing business of Ströer.

David is responsible for identifying and introducing new partners to the belboon platform and finding how belboon can benefit their online marketing strategy.

belboon council board

Stefan Eishold

Stefan is part of the Board of ARCUS Capital AG, as well as board member at belboon.

Prior to this Stefan has worked for WIGE MEDIA AG, the MME Moviement AG and the Metropolitan Express Train GmbH. Stefan studied business administration at the European Business School in Oestrich Winkel and has an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Nils von Wietzlow

Nils von Wietzlow has been on the advisory board of belboon since 2014. Nils supports belboon mainly in the strategic development, as well as in the fields of finance and controlling. Nils worked for Münchener Beteiligungsgesellschaft ARCUS Capital AG, before that, he worked for the American private equity fund First Reserve and the investment bank Merrill Lynch.

Sabine Haase

Sabine Haase has over 20 years of management experience in the Internet environment.

She has successfully developed national and international internet companies. She was responsible for start-up activities in large and medium-sized companies and knows many different industries. In her roles as executive at Otto Versand, Sainsbury’s, Lycos, and as managing director for Scout24, she has acquired deep expertise in particular in the areas of marketing, sales and product development. For more than 6 years Sabine Haase was responsible for the development of the affiliate network Affilinet and thus has extensive industry and product expertise in performance marketing, with which she now supports the further expansion of belboon.

Jonas Schaub

Jonas Schaub is an expert in the digital world and advises companies in the optimization of the digital marketing mix as well as the technical implementation of new products and technologies.
As founder and CEO of an online agency, he developed innovative digital solutions for large enterprises and medium-sized businesses. In addition, he is involved in several companies and holds several advisory board seats. He speaks regularly at conferences and congresses on topics of digital transformation.