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You have a website, an e-mail distributor or are influencer and want to earn money by advertising for other companies?


Do you run an online shop and would like to increase your sales? Or you want to increase your customer base?


You want to look after advertising campaigns for your customers, optimize their sales and convince them with clear reporting?

DC-Storm For Affiliates


Details zu DC-Storm For Affiliates


If you spend as an affiliate money on PPC then you most likely spend much of your working day importing sales data from the affiliate networks and trying to link commission back to PPC spend. Even if your Excel skills are advanced the time taken to make any sensible ROI decisions can be immense.

Many larger affiliates have written their own in house systems to aggregate and match sales data to spend data to varying degrees of success. Storm for Affiliates™ allows you to plug into all of the major affiliate networks and PPC search engines and will automatically import data via API.

Storm for Affiliates has a large team of experienced engineers whose job it is to keep on top of the minefield of ever changing APIs and make sure that the data you see is accurate. With accurate data you can then start to optimise your PPC campaigns based on any key performance indicator, taking into account not just last click but the entire user lifecycle that led up to a sale on the merchant’s site. Storm for Affiliates will also harvest the long tail search terms that your users type into the search engines before clicking on your ads. The PPC optimisation tools are driven by an advanced analytics system so the features available are very flexible, powerful and based on accurate data and match the advanced functionality that is common to many large agencies.

Here is a list of some key features:

  • Automatic end to end tracking between search engine and affiliate network
  • Optimise your PPC campaigns easily against your key performance indicators. Award-winning solution Storm for Affiliates™ has been designed with accuracy of data and flexibility of features in mind. We provide tools for experts to use, not a black box solution
  • Optimise PPC campaigns on custom grouping levels that sit outside the basic campaign/adgroup structure
  • Harvest the long tail keywords that your users type in to find you, reducing your overall cost per click
  • Analyse your Google quality score over time to see the effects of your landing page and ad copy changes
  • Report on custom measures by using your own formulae and calculations
  • Automate and schedule tasks including PPC optimisation and exporting useful reports

Proven success:
A number of large affiliate have been using Storm for Affiliates™ as their chosen technology and they all rate the product very highly. One affiliate managed to increase their ROI by over 60% within 2 months of optimising with DC Storm. This will undoubtedly save hours of time in manipulating data that can be better spent on doing the important stuff. Storm for Affiliates hopes to end the days of affiliate best-guess marketing.