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You have a website, an e-mail distributor or are influencer and want to earn money by advertising for other companies?


Do you run an online shop and would like to increase your sales? Or you want to increase your customer base?


You want to look after advertising campaigns for your customers, optimize their sales and convince them with clear reporting?

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Useful applications
to optimize and grow
your revenue

Below you will find useful applications and scripts, which were developed based on the belboon Web Service API's. Use this to optimize your publisher business and generate more revenue. Please note, the copyrights to all published applications belong to the respective developers. belboon provides no support for these applications and makes no guarantees or accepts liability. You have developed a software-application or a script based on belboon web services and API's? Please contact us to publish your work here.


Affmeter - Statistics, Reporting and Analytics Software for Affiliate Networks

Affmeter is a revenue analytics tool for affiliate marketers to help them to collect their revenue, clicks, EPC statistics from multiple networks and put them into a single consolidated format.

Affmeter supports more than 70 affiliate networks from the  UK, US, Germany, The Netherlands, Australia and Canada.

If you are an affiliate stats junky and can’t wait to  check your daily clicks and commission levels across multiple networks, then Affmeter is perfect for you.  Affmeter not only stores historical data but also helps you to make a comparison of your overall performance over time. The functions and graphics of Affmeter are very intuitive and allows you to see how merchants are performing on your site which in return allow you to streamline ads and increase your click through rates and revenues. c

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BeezUP - Management software to optimise your ecommerce
Thanks to the BeezUP software solution, online merchants are able to place the right product on the right page at the right time. Thanks to that, the campaign’s effectiveness will be maximised while the acquisition costs will be reduced and your conversion rate increases significantly.
BeezUP is directed to E-Commerce merchants, who aim to optimise the effective placement of large numbers of products in web portals. 95% of the consumers use such web portals and more than 100 online shops make use of the management software of BeezUP.

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DC-Storm for Affiliates

If you spend as an affiliate money on PPC then you most likely spend much of your working day importing sales data from the affiliate networks and trying to link commission back to PPC spend. Even if your Excel skills are advanced the time taken to make any sensible ROI decisions can be immense.

Many larger affiliates have written their own in house systems to aggregate and match sales data to spend data to varying degrees of success. Storm for Affiliates allows you to plug into all of the major affiliate networks and PPC search engines and will automatically import data via API.

Storm for Affiliates has a large team of experienced engineers whose job it is to keep on top of the minefield of ever changing APIs and make sure that the data you see is accurate. With accurate data you can then start to optimise your PPC campaigns based on any key performance indicator, taking into account not just last click but the entire user lifecycle that led up to a sale on the merchant’s site. Storm for Affiliates will also harvest the long tail search terms that your users type into the search engines before clicking on your ads. The PPC optimisation tools are driven by an advanced analytics system so the features available are very flexible, powerful and based on accurate data and match the advanced functionality that is common to many large agencies.

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