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You have a website, an e-mail distributor or are influencer and want to earn money by advertising for other companies?


Do you run an online shop and would like to increase your sales? Or you want to increase your customer base?


You want to look after advertising campaigns for your customers, optimize their sales and convince them with clear reporting?

Business models

the right partner
for every model!

Start with a bonus or cashback platform at belboon
You have a large number of members, which you regularly offer reward points or cashback for their purchases? Our network has a large number of advertisers who would like to cooperate with you.
To integrate the many promotions, discounts and coupons of our advertisers we offer the product data and coupon data via a manual export feature or via an automated API WebService.
With our easy Sub-ID Integration, you can assign and monitor the correct distribution of rewards for your members. For events that were blocked and not tracked from our side, we provide our cashback publishers a compensation tool they can upload at any point.

More sales through SEM Traffic
You are active as a SEM/SEA publisher and can book keywords on popular search engines in order to generate sales or leads for your advertiser partners? Through belboon you have the opportunity to use keyword marketing for our online shops, and increase your earnings. Within your publisher account, you will benefit from a transparent view of the respective Advertisers that allow SEM. So you are always aware of the potential of a specific partner program. The SEM Policy is clearly visible and color-coded, green (SEM allowed without limitation), yellow (SEM allowed with restrictions) and red (SEM prohibited). Through our reliable tracking, we ensure that all sales or leads that were generated through your links to the partner shop will be registered in your belboon account.

More conversion and earnings through price comparison
You have a platform for product comparison, a price search engine, a product review site or a test report platform? belboon offers you access to a large number of products with currently 900 data feeds from 800 partner shops. All product data feeds are debugged and are in a standardized belboon format for easy integration. To ensure the quality and timeliness as well as legal requirements, all product data provided by the Advertiser and which are subject to changes in products and prices, are updated at least eight times daily by belboon. Our simple interface makes it possible to integrate the data by manual integration or via the WebService API. The data itself is available as the original CSV data, a XML file or standardized belboon CSV format.

Monetize your content
You have an actualized blog, an e-zine or a content site for specific topics? If you want to start as an Affiliate at belboon, you can choose from numerous Industries, and select the appropriate Advertiser for you. belboon works with various brands and also offers a broad spectrum through many product niches. Our Industries include, electronics, travel, fashion, health and beauty, telecommunications and much more.

Take advantage of the belboon exclusive discount codes for your website
You have your own website, in which everything revolves around discounts, coupons, deals and bargains? Currently the belboon range includes around 500 coupon codes of 1.500 partner shops. The offer is constantly growing. Use our coupon tool to increase your commissions and choose between vouchers codes, banners and discount links that suit your promotional needs. You can get the actual offers as a RSS feed, via an export function (csv, txt, xls), through an XML interface or as a WebService API for full automatic integration.

belboon provides numerous advantages for ad networks
You successfully run an ad network? We are happy to cooperate especially with specialized sub-networks to enhance your reach. We offer exciting programs and a variety of campaigns, both for leads as well as sales.

Monetize your display inventory with belboon
You have access to high-quality advertising inventory and are able to book high-coverage campaigns it for advertisers? Upon delivery of the campaigns you adhere to the requirements of the Code of Conduct of the IAB and/or German BVDW?
Then sign up today as a media partner in our network. Through belboon you have access to partner programs with very high conversion rates and thus can transform your inventory in a sustained revenue source. Our advertisers provide you with for many, audience tailored, advertising tools. Including all standard IAB media sizes, both for desktop and for mobile. Through our reliable and fail-safe PostView Tracking you also have the opportunity, as a display publisher, to offer wide-reaching advertising campaigns on a CPO / CPL basis. Our strong offer of advertisers and a dedicated account management ensure our display partners that they achieve their business goals and make optimal use of their inventory.

Optimize your revenue with retargeting
You have a targeting technology that allows you to deliver banner ads, based on the respective surfing habits of individual users? You have access to premium inventory and can display attractive banners in IAB standard formats? Through our network we offer you the possibility to run campaigns for strong-performing online shops within their existing affiliate programs. As a retargeting Publisher you benefit from our reliable container tag solution. Through this solution your marker pixels can be easily and quickly integrated within the respective partner shops.
Additionally our fail-safe belboon tracking ensures that you can be paid for PostView conversions in addition to Click-Sales. The required product data for a dynamic retargeting campaign can easily and conveniently be acquired through our WebService API. The coordination of the entire set-up is done by our account management for you. This we will help you to focus on your core competency: the implementation of strong-performing retargeting campaigns.

Monetizing on-site software, no problem with belboon
You have an intelligent solution to specifically address cart and website abandonment within online shops? You focus mainly on increasing the conversion rate for online shop as well as reducing the bounce rate? belboon gives you the opportunity to offer advertisers your solution directly through their existing affiliate program. You will benefit from the integration in our reliable container tag solution which makes the integration in numerous online shops easy and uncomplicated. We take over the coordination and the set-ups with the respective advertisers.

More revenue with e-mail marketingYou have an email marketing solution or mailing lists and provide the opportunity to address target groups directly via e-mail and generate purchases or customer data? At belboon, many advertisers are interested in advertising their services, products or campaigns through comprehensive mailing lists where the owner of the address has given explicit consent to receive advertising. The benefit that is recognized by the advertiser is being able to reach a large number of potential customers in a short period. At best, the selection of recipients is carried out specifically according to the customer wishes concerning demographics, location and topic matching interest groups. To achieve greater success, the advertisers will often offer an incentive to the recipient such as a coupon, a prize or a free sample.

We can advise you on which affiliate programs are perfectly suited for email marketing so that you can quickly reach your performance goals.