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You have a website, an e-mail distributor or are influencer and want to earn money by advertising for other companies?


Do you run an online shop and would like to increase your sales? Or you want to increase your customer base?


You want to look after advertising campaigns for your customers, optimize their sales and convince them with clear reporting?

Advertising platform

Reliable tracking
and excellent usability!

An online platform – Many opportunities for more sales!
If you are a publisher, you can register with belboon for free. With your account come various opportunities: You can apply for over 1,500 programs, integrate ad media, product feeds and voucher codes and additionally analyze the performance of your website in detail. Per account, you can list several platforms of which reportings can be displayed separately.

Tracking – Safe and reliable!
Belboon offers modern technology to track your sales. To ensure reliable tracking a combination of fingerprint, session, cookie, post view and flash tracking is utilized. In addition, belboon facilitates the “belboon Co-Tracking-Modul” which allows the integration of own tracking systems i.e. from ad networks, affliate networks or traffic broker systems into the belboon tracking technology. In this way, networks can directly access over 1,500 international affiliate programs. Furthermore, they have direct access to data with the belboon web service API.

All cooperations come with different ad media which are equipped with tailored tracking codes that you can easily integrate into your site.

Stats and compensation models – extensive and efficient
With belboon, publishers have the possibility to choose from various advertisers. Thereby, compensation models can vary. Currently, tracked events are compensated per cost per order, cost per lead, cost per click or cost per install (CPO, CPL, CPC, CPI). An overview of your tracked sales is easily accessible in intuitively structured reports and statistics. Here you can oversee your overall performance and filter per day, month, year, specific time frames or per affiliate program. Additionally, it is possible to filter per tracked or accepted sales and to overview any cancelled sales. You can then analyze your CR and CTR to evaluate the success of your advertising.
To easily integrate your reports into your assessment, we facilitate various export options. You can choose among a csv, xls or txt file. Also, you can feel free to use our statistics web services:

Please click here for further information: WEBSERVICES &APIS

Ad media – various formats, many options
To successfully promote through your platform, you can choose from a multitude of ad media made available by your advertisers. The right ad media contributes considerably to the success of your campaign and can be tailored to your target group. From voucher code to price comparison sites – we offer the right media for each publisher model:

  • Text
  • Picture
  • Flash
  • HTML
  • Banner generator
  • Newsletter template
  • Voucher code
  • Product feed
  • Performance Display Ad
  • MobileAd
  • Mobile banner generator
  • Mobile text link

You have difficulty finding the right media or format? Do not hesitate to contact our accouters who will gladly ask the advertiser in question to facilitate the right media for you.

The Voucher Tool – voucher marketing made easy
Belboon supplies its publishers with a comprehensive voucher marketing tool to generate more commissions. Using the belboon voucher tool makes voucher marketing extremely easy. Export options such as RSS-, CSV- and XML interfaces as well as web services transform this into a fully automated process.

Product Data Tool – an unbelievable variety of products
With belboon you have millions of product data in standardized formats and without technical errors at your disposal. These are available via CSV, XML or per SOAP web service. Furthermore, you can utilize our SmartFeed creator to download individual files with product data which is relevant to you – i.e. from a specific category. Multi-advertiser data downloads are just as well possible as narrowing down data to special products, brands or manufacturers.

Web Services – Automatization made easy
The belboon product data APIs and web services (SOAP protocol) enable you to work with our affiliate network in a fully automated way – you do not even have to login to your account via the web interface.

Please click here for further information: WEBSERVICES &APIS

SmartLinks marketplace- more sales with links
Generate additional sales with SmartLinks!  With this tool you can easily rent out link space on your website. To make use of this product, you only need to enlist in our SmartLinks marketplace. Here, ad space for text links is searched for on a regular basis. Start using this medium to generate revenue independent of page views and clicks.