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Our highest priority and company goal is to be able to offer the best possible service and support. We believe not only our advertisers and publishers should experience this in their daily direct cooperation with our expert staff. Since the online marketing industry has become increasingly more professional with its numerous available channels, we believe especially agencies should be in focus as a competent partner for strategic and operational support of our partner programs.
Hence it is in the interest of all parties that the agencies have sound knowledge about the options, features and future developments provided by our network. As a symbol of the achievement of this standard, the logo of the belboon certified agency is now an established marker.


Each agency has the opportunity to participate in our intensive training throughout the whole year and in addition to a personal certificate for the participants, agencies can acquire a belboon certification. To this end, the participation of at least two employees is necessary. The participants are tested on their general knowledge of affiliate marketing practices and in the use and options available in their day to day use of the belboon interface and tools.

The trust we build with the participants is not only reflected in the logo which may be used by the agencies to display their qualifications, it is also reflected in a separate section on our corporate website. Here all agencies which have successfully passed the qualification process are listed.


The next Agency Certification is on 09.08.2017

Would you like to participate ? Please contact us.