Agency account

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For an optimized management of an affiliate program every agency needs effective use of the available resources. The more affiliate programs there are to manage, the more important is the internal management and the tools available.

We therefore offer several ways to maximize the efficiency of the program management. This includes primarily the possibility of combining the administrative apparatus in a so-called agency account.

All managed affiliate programs can be managed under certain conditions in a joint account. This allows faster access to important statistics or daily tasks, such as the validation of publisher applications.

Thanks to the multi-user system such an account can be accessible for various users and differentiated per user. Thus, the agency can create an access to a specific program to which their staff is explicitly assigned to. Or give an access to their customer which only  offers the reporting tools.

The advantages of our multi-user system:

  • an account for all your customers
  • account accesses for all your assigned agency managers
  • reporting access for your customers
  • a detailed statement of account and invoice