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You have a website, an e-mail distributor or are influencer and want to earn money by advertising for other companies?


Do you run an online shop and would like to increase your sales? Or you want to increase your customer base?


You want to look after advertising campaigns for your customers, optimize their sales and convince them with clear reporting?

Mobile Performance Marketing

Your sales !

Take advantage of Mobile Performance Marketing!
Today, due to the continuous development of advertising and communication technologies, many audiences or target groups can be reached much better via mobile devices such as smartphone and tablet. Smartphones, tablets and apps are by far the most personal media a user has and thus offer new targeting options. Mobile Marketing is now an integral part of the communication and advertising channel mix of large and medium-sized companies and has especially proven itself as an additional marketing tool.


What is needed to get started with Mobile Performance Marketing?
A mobile optimized website or an app is all you need to start generating incremental traffic through Mobile Marketing. Again this is through a performance-based model and will not only be a new traffic source but also generate an increase in revenue.

You simply have to start an affiliate program with belboon or use your existing program. The setup, the partner handling, event handling and statistics are all done via your affiliate program and account. For Mobile Marketing you just need additional advertising formats that we then utilize.

Commission Models for Mobile Performance Marketing
Advertisers can start with Mobile Performance Marketing on CPL (cost per lead), CPO (Cost Per Order), CPI (Cost Per Install) or any combination (hybrid) of these for their mobile affiliate marketing channel.

Mobile commission model purely performance-based
This means you only pay for a successful event, that is a download, install, lead or sale. This way you can carry out successful mobile campaigns without risk of paying high CPC or CPM rates. We optimize your campaign taking in account your pre-defined KPIs.

How will your app campaign be advertised?
Mainly our CPI campaigns are advertised via display traffic, i.e. banner ads within mobile-optimized websites or within apps. Our publishers have access to a large volume of Mobile Display Traffic - whether through their own app, mobile website or Ad Exchanges. Monthly we deliver more than 1 million mobile impressions. The advantage as an advertiser, your ads are displayed on premium mobile advertising space and on a performance basis so the risk is on the publisher`s side. Additional coverage can be provided through social media traffic (for example, Facebook or Twitter Ads), content traffic (as App Review Sites or "App of the Day" pages) and social currency publisher.


belboon is connected with all the leading app analytics SDKs, including with AppsFlyer, ad-x, Adjust, HasOffers and CAKE. As a belboon advertiser you only have to provide a tracking link and the installs will be tracked by belboon.

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