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You have a website, an e-mail distributor or are influencer and want to earn money by advertising for other companies?


Do you run an online shop and would like to increase your sales? Or you want to increase your customer base?


You want to look after advertising campaigns for your customers, optimize their sales and convince them with clear reporting?

Lead generation

more new customers
through effective campaigns!

More leads - more customers - more sales!
Lead generation, or the collection of user data, offers the opportunity to address new potential customers or keep existing ones interested in your products and services. One of the methods used to collect the data is offering different types of incentives: One example would be granting access to high-quality as well as exclusive content.

Which incentives are needed for succesfull data collection? 


How to successfully generate Leads with belboon

  • register for a newsletter
  • sign-up as a member of a community
  • order test products
  • order a catalogue
  • participate in a test drive
  • participate in a raffle or survey
  • get permission to play online games
  • download an App

This is how easy valuable contact information can be added to your data!
We use different ad media on various channels to promote your offers. After having clicked the ad media, the user is directed to a specific landing page which contains a simple form to enter data and is asked to additionally confirm that the information will be saved.

Which distribution channels are useful for Lead Generation?
Within the belboon network there are various publisher models which will enable you to carry out campaigns successfully. Amongst them are e-mail Publisher, raffles or prize-win websites, "free sample" websites as well as various topical pages and many more.

Let`s plan your campaign together!
The belboon team has gained many years of experience which it uses to plan and carry out optimized campaigns across various media channels. Throughout the entire process, support and consultancy is given highest priority. Together we will define your KPIs. Lead or data generation is also carried out on performance basis (CPL). Only the leads which meet your quality standards will be charged.