Affmeter - Statistik, Reporting und AnalyseSoftware für Affiliate-Netzwerke


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Affmeter is an easy, secure, and reliable way to gather your affiliate revenue and click statistics out of multiple networks since 2006. Webmasters who are currently running campaigns on multiple affiliate networks are finding Affmeter to be a big time saver. Today Affmeter supports more than 70 affiliate networks from US, UK; Germany, The Netherlands, Australia and Canada.

Affmeter Team has been committed itself for developing cutting edge solutions for Affiliate Marketing and keen to add new networks and features into Affmeter. Affmeter’s goal is to expand into multiple networks and countries by establishing strategic relationships with Affiliate Networks and always paying high attention to client requests.

By using Affmeter you can:

  • Aggregate all your revenue and click data from all of your Affiliate Networks into one dashboard.
  • Easily find which merchants are your big revenue generators and which ones are costing you the most.



  • Shows your merchant performances separately with graphical presentation.
  • Lets you to watch out customized merchants and campaigns on a different dashboard.
  • Helps you to import unsupported network data into Affmeter manually until the network gets supported.
  • Saves you a lot of time and money on repetitive tasks.
  • Helps you to auto-login your affiliate network accounts.
  • Automates routine business processes like collecting statistics from affiliate networks.
  • Has an extremely easy and straightforward user interface.
  • Eases your work load and increases your productivity.
  • Helps you to compare and contrast your performance over time.
  • Lets you to import your statistics into Excel.